Patient Advice

This collection of library articles by experienced Indianapolis podiatrist Dr. Jeffrie Leibovitz offers useful information on many podiatry topics. Learn more about your specific ailment, pain relief options, recovery issues, and more when you browse our library.

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  • Stretching Braces Learn about stretching braces, and the conditions they are used to treat, from Indianapolis podiatrist Jeffrie C. Leibovitz.
  • Emergency Winter Care Kit in Indianapolis Winter weather can cause serious problems for lower limbs. Preparing an emergency winter care kit can keep you safe during the coldest Indianapolis months!
  • Proper Use of Medicine Dr. Jeffrie Leibovitiz discusses medication and how it is used, why he recommends certain kinds, and what you should know about generics.
  • Tips for a Most Productive Office Visit Your time is valuable, so Dr. Jeffrie Leibovitz has compiled some tips to help make your office visit as smooth and efficient as possible.
  • New Patient Information We want your first appointment to go smoothly! The office of Jeffrie C. Leibovitz, D.P.M. provides information, forms, and resources to help new patients.