Community Outreach and Service

We care about our community, and we know you do too! One of the ways we can all show this is by taking advantage of several outreach programs here in town, including the Indianapolis Police Athletic League (Indy PAL), Crisis Resource Center (homeless shelter), and Indianapolis Animal Care Services (formerly “the Pound”).

Community Outreach at Your Go-To Foot Doc

Footwear donated by our patientsWhenever people clean out their closets, it’s easy to think about donating old shirts, skirts, pants, and dresses. Less frequently considered is how valuable donated footwear and socks can be for those in our community who are in need.

We have great programs here in town we work with that are focused on helping families who need housing and clothing. Those who are helped certainly appreciate the clothing so many of you donate, but they also need appropriate footwear for work, daily use, and job interviews.

We collect shoe and sock donations here at our office. If you have extra footwear (that isn’t too worn and still has some life left) and would like to make a difference in our greater Indianapolis community, you can drop the shoes off with us and we will deliver them. This is an easy way to make a big difference in peoples’ lives! Please keep this in mind the next time you clean out your closet and dresser.

Indy PAL for Youth in Our Community

Too often, the news is filled with problems in our nation between police officers and citizens. We are fortunate to live in a city where an emphasis is placed on continually improving police-community relations. The cultural sensitivity training Indianapolis police officers undergo has received such a sterling reputation that police from other areas come to attend it.

One of the ways the police department reaches out to the community is through their Indianapolis Police Athletic League. Indy PAL provides an opportunity for at-risk youth of Marion County to participate in organized football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer and other sports. This program helps to improve relationships with police, but more importantly, it also gives children and teens positive, healthy activities to do in their spare time. We all have a corner of a closet or with a pile of tiny athletic cleats from youth soccer and baseball that are collecting dust and taking up space. You can make this a win-win proposition!

The Indy PAL program depends entirely on donations and sponsorships from residents and businesses. If you would like to contribute to this awesome organization, we collect used and unwanted sports equipment and athletic footwear at our office, and then deliver it to Indy PAL. No matter if you have old baseball gloves, bats, balls, catcher masks, basketballs, volleyballs, or knee pads, simply bring them in and drop them off, knowing you are making a difference in the lives of local children.

Help for Our Furry Friends, Too!

Programs like Indy PAL and the Crisis Resource Center are outstanding organizations for people in our Indianapolis community, but our furry friends need help as well! One program we’ve had at our office to benefit the Animal Care and Control Foundation is our “Brag Board.” For a simple one-dollar donation, you can post pictures of your pets on the board. We would match the donation and forward all the funds to animal care.

The Brag Board was a successful program and we have brought it back! Now, with the prevalence of cell phones, people have a boatload of digital images but don’t always have physical pictures of their pets.  You can send them in to us, donate your dollar, and we will display them for you. We know you love your pets, so give our community the chance to see them and help a wonderful, caring organization at the same time. Post them to our Facebook page or send them to our office at [email protected]

Your feet have a role and perform certain functions for your body, in the same way we all have roles and perform certain functions in our Indianapolis community. Our practice is obviously concerned with the health of your lower limbs—we do provide podiatric services, after all—but we also want to know you have a healthy body and live in a healthy community.

For additional information on outreach programs at our office, or to learn more about other ways you can make a difference in our community, give us a call at (317) 545-0505. Of course, if you or any of your loved ones need exceptional foot care services, we do that too!