Learn More About Your Foot and Ankle Pain

This collection of library articles by experienced Indianapolis podiatrist Dr. Jeffrie Leibovitz offers useful information on many podiatry topics. Learn more about your specific ailment, pain relief options, recovery issues, and more when you browse our library.

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  • Skin Cancer and Feet Dr. Leibovitz discusses the importance of catching skin cancer in feet at the earliest opportunity.
  • Shoes and Foot Health There is a certain connection between shoes and foot health. Wearing proper shoes can pay a role in both relieving and preventing problems.
  • Yoga Injuries Jeffrie C. Leibovitz, DPM discusses foot and ankle injuries that can be caused through yoga or put a serious damper on yoga activities.
  • Diabetic Wound Care Diabetic wounds are cause for concern. Taking the right measures to prevent and treat them can help.
  • Diabetic Conditions Diabetes affects foot health in an array of different ways, including nerve damage (neuropathy), Charcot foot, diabetic wounds, and poor circulation.
  • Review our Indianapolis Podiatrist Leaving a review for Dr. Leibovitz helps us spread the word and make the improvements to our practice that you want to see.
  • Stretching Braces Learn about stretching braces, and the conditions they are used to treat, from Indianapolis podiatrist Jeffrie C. Leibovitz.
  • Pregnancy Foot Problems Your go-to foot doc in Indianapolis discusses foot problems that can come up during pregnancy so you can know what to expect when you’re expecting.
  • Stress Fractures Instead of being caused by a single, traumatic incident, stress fractures develop over time due to overuse and fatigue.
  • Overuse Injury Treatment Jeffrie C. Leibovitz, D.P.M. in Indianapolis discusses overuse injuries in the foot and ankle, including their symptoms, causes, and prevention measures.