How do orthotics help?

Closeup of shoes walking down paved pathPodiatrists can use many different treatment options for lower limb issues, including custom orthotics.

Orthotics are custom medical devices created for your unique feet. They control abnormal biomechanical processes during your gait cycle. For example, if your foot pronates, which is when the arch rolls excessively inward after your foot makes contact with the ground, an orthotic device would control the excessive motion.

When the aim of orthotics is to control movement, we are talking about functional orthotics. There is a second kind (accommodative orthotics), which is used to protect anatomy. Accommodative orthotics are generally softer and not intended to control motion.

These medical devices are used to treat and prevent an array of issues, including bunions, abnormal foot arches (both high and low), hallux limitus (stiff big toe), neuromas, ulceration/calluses, forefoot pain, and plantar fasciitis.

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