What are some good gifts for feet?

girl holding gift envelope wrapped in red ribbonWhen people are being honest, most say they want gifts that are useful and practical. Given that the loved ones in your life likely use their feet to walk—and probably would prefer they are healthy and pain-free—you may want to give them podiatric gifts. Now, it would be weird to give someone a custom orthotic device but there are more realistic options like:

  • Socks. No matter the time of year, sock choices are important for reducing the risk of fungal and bacterial infections. We recommend Woolie Boolie or SmartWool socks for optimal warmth and protection in cold weather.
  • Moisturizers. Dry heels that become fissured and cracked can be quite painful. We sell moisturizing creams at our office to prevent this from happening.
  • Ice-circulating pumps. One of the bedrocks of successful injury recovery is reducing inflammation. Ice-circulating pumps are perfect for this.
  • Selfie-sticks. This may seem like an odd choice, but these are great for diabetic relatives who cannot inspect the bottoms of their feet any other way.

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