Does a broken toe bone need treatment?

Bones of the footBroken toe bones can be tricky. More than 25% of all the bones in the body are in your feet and over half of these foot bones are in your toes (Phalanges). With many bumps and flares, the bones are like jigsaw pieces that are intended to be arranged in a particular manner. This means the position a broken bone heals can make a difference in toe structure function. If the joint surface is damaged, arthritis and stiffness will develop.

Treating a broken toe bone is important to ensure it will heal in a proper position. If the bone alters its position, it can lead to adjacent pressure between the toes. This would be like having your hand squeezed with a big ring on your finger.

The greatest part of the pain created by an injury is swelling. Early treatment will minimize this and keep you comfortable and allow the quickest recovery.

Toe bones are relatively small, but can cause a lot of pain when broken. Accordingly, part of treatment for these injuries is to relieve painful symptoms. There are various ways we can handle this, but keep in mind that your first step is to come in and see us at our Indianapolis podiatrist office!

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