Giving Thanks for Our Giving Patients

Kids, and especially teens, often say they wish they were adults so they can do whatever they want. They would go to bed at a reasonable time stay up all night long, diligently study for that big test play video games, and eat a nutritiously-balanced diet pizza for every meal.

Patient GiftSince they’re young and don’t know any better, they fail to realize the fact of the matter is we are always doing what we want…it’s just that the motivation behind what we do isn’t always immediately apparent.

Everything humans do in life—from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night—stems from some kind of motivating factor.

Sometimes, this is a matter of basic survival—the reason you chose to eat dinner, for example. At other times, the motivation is a matter of convenience—the reason you chose a drive-thru dinner. Even when it seems we don’t want to do it at all, adults go to work because we want the financial compensation that comes from our efforts. Of course, some of us are really lucky and there’s more to the story than that.

In our case, one of the most important motivating factors for coming into the office every day is simple—it’s you.

To say “we have the best patients in the world” is pretty cliché, but there’s a reason for that—it contains at least a grain of truth. The truth in this case is we have awesome patients. Whether you’re aware of this or not, you all make it worth being here more than anything else.

Now, this is probably something we should be careful of saying during “cold and flu season,” but every patient who comes to our office gives us something.

Patient GiftSure, in some cases part of that “something” is tangible. We have received some very cool gifts from patients throughout the years. Seriously, many of you are so amazingly talented and generous and it always means more to us than we can express.

We have some pictures we’d like to share with you of a few of the gifts that have been given throughout the years. You can see the impressive craftsmanship, creativity, and obvious amount of thought given to each one.

But we receive other gifts as well—ones that are intangible.

It’s always such a wonderful gift to get to know each one of you during your appointments. You might not think much of it, but telling your stories, sharing your life, and letting us get to know you makes coming into the office worth it every single day.

And those stories … There are so many youngsters out there who think “old people are lame,” but, man, we’ve heard stories that would make them blush!

Because of our patients’ willingness to share with us, we’ve been invited to and have attended 100th birthday parties. At the same time, we’ve also been honored and saddened to pay our respects at funerals for other patients.

Patient GiftEven just giving us the opportunity to help you is appreciated more than you know. You can probably relate in some way, but it’s such a good feeling to know we’ve been able to help you overcome pain and be able to perform your favorite activities. We know you have choices when it comes to your foot care and just how fortunate we are you choose us.

Many of you also extend your generosity by donating shoes, clothes, and sports equipment—whether new or “slightly used”—to the Crisis Resource Center and Indy PAL (Police Athletic League). When we post our Brag Board, your donations go to the Animal Care and Control Foundation. You absolutely make a difference in our lives—but you also make a powerful impact in our local community, which is simply outstanding and a key reason we truly do have the best patients.

This time of year is one of giving thanks, but you all make every day of the year feel like Thanksgiving by giving us so much for which we’re thankful.

Thank you for all you do!

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