Is It Time to Refurbish Your Orthotics?

Illustrations of feet in various posesEvery new year is an opportunity to evaluate your life. This means it’s a good time for introspection and some deep soul-searching in a quest to become a better person and drive positive social change. It’s also a good time to evaluate the physical condition of your orthotics.

Some might say those are equally important.

Now, before you start on your enlightened journey, you should make sure your feet are going to be comfortable and have a reduced risk of injury, so let’s start with your orthotic evaluation.

Time to Refurbish or Replace Orthotics?

Before we dive too deep into this topic, it’s important to establish the distinction between “refurbish” and “replace.” Quality orthotic devices will generally hold up for 3-5 years under heavy use. As long as they are performing their intended function, there is no need to replace your orthotics. If the top parts are looking a little worse for the wear, you may want to have them refurbished.

Much like a car, the functional part of an orthotic is below the surface. You can think about the orthotic top cover as being like the car’s coat of paint. Scratches in the paint job are not going to affect its ability to get you where you need to go, but top cover tears and cracks can produce skin irritation.

If we look deeper into how your orthotic performs, you may be interested in knowing that the important part—the “engine,” if you will—is usually in the back half. The front part is mostly used to fill the bottom of the shoe so the orthotic can stay in place and not slide around.

Although the top cover has no biomechanical function, it does have value. In some cases, an orthotic cover has antibacterial and antifungal properties. One type of cover that can be especially beneficial in this regard is bamboo. It might seem as though a wood cover wouldn’t be comfortable, but you’d be surprised. The bamboo is virtually unrecognizable, and the comfort level is outstanding. I bet you never thought of your orthotics as bio-sustainable and green.

Okay, our enlightened journey is starting to veer off a bit, so let’s get back on track with identifying if it’s time to refurbish your orthotics.

If your orthotics are looking shredded or mangled, you may be interested in having them refurbished. Should this be the case, come in and we’ll be glad to help. We can also determine if your orthotics are still doing their job. It would be rare to find that they aren’t, but it’s still worth checking.

If you don’t have orthotics, but are experiencing foot or ankle issues, come see us. Depending on your particular condition, custom or prefabricated orthotics might be part of our recommend treatment plan. Of course, your first step—in the proverbial journey of a thousand miles—is to visit our office! To do so, simply give us a call at (317) 545-0505 and we can schedule you for an appointment at our Indianapolis, IN office.

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