New Year, New Addition to the Team

You know that old saying, the one that goes “Behind every great podiatrist is a team of awesome staff members who make him look good”? (Just go with it…) Well, our team is the embodiment of this classic, very well-known saying!

Now, you might be thinking “Sure, but he’s obviously biased in thinking his staff is awesome.” If so, we recommend taking a moment to check out the reviews and see how often they get the credit they deserve from our patients. (While doing so, you may even want to give them some of your own kudos!)


Not only do our team members make it look easy, they do it while performing the work that would be needed for a practice twice our size!

Today, we want to take a minute and give the spotlight to the amazing individuals who do so much for the practice and continually make your go-to foot doc look good. Given that the year is new, let’s start with the newest member of the team – Angela.

Originally from Illinois, Angela—our “Backroom Boss”—excels as a scribe, making sure your chart is complete and there is an accurate snapshot of what occurred during your visit. This allows Dr. Leibovitz to spend more time focusing on you and working on helping you get better, instead of wrestling with the computer. Angela also provides you with treatment education and any instructions you may need to put your foot pain behind you. On a personal level, she has a weakness for fast cars and is convinced her car will beat yours! In addition to autos, Angela’s other passion is tending her many flower gardens. (She spends so much time at Lowe’s that she could easily get a part-time job there!)

GabbyMuch like Angela, Gabriela is originally from Illinois. (No, they didn’t know each other before working here!) She came from Chicago and is a graduate of Ball State University. At our practice, Gabriela works as Patient Liaison/Office Liaison/Social Media Mogul. This means she splits her time between her patient liaison and physician’s office liaison duties. Gabriela is also responsible for the wonderful, quirky content you can find in our newsletters and social media accounts. You can thank her for announcing the many recognized (and unrecognized) national days, like National Sprinkles Donuts Day. Gabriela is very proud of her two rescue dogs (a common theme in our office) and likes to volunteer most weekends with Beggars for the Poor Indy at Roberts Park.

Whereas Angela and Gabriela hail from the Land of Lincoln, our office manager Lori still has a little Buckeye in her—Go OSU!!—even though Indiana’s been her home now for over 30 years. There wouldn’t be enough room on the internet to record all of the work Lori does for the office – she is the heart of the practice. Basically, everything Lori does holds the office together. You can potentially find Lori working her magic in every office position. Like Angela, she loves to garden and, like Gabriela, she has two rescue dogs (and a grand puppy!).

Angela, Gabriela, and Lori contribute so much to our practice every day and we’re very lucky to have them onboard. If you are one of the many patients who have been helped in any way by our staff members, please feel free to leave a review and mention them specifically. Getting that kind of well-deserved recognition can brighten anyone’s day.

For more information about our practice, the services we provide, or to request an appointment, simply give us a call at (317) 545-0505 and you will be helped by one of the best around!

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