From Couch to Vampire in 3 Easy Steps

The leaves on the trees in Fort Ben won’t be hanging around much longer – so you know fall is in full swing in Indianapolis! If you stop by our office and look out the window, you can see a brilliant display of yellows, oranges, and reds gracing the trees.

(Of course, it would be a little weird if you stop by just to look out the window.)

RunnersWith it being fall, we have a couple of holidays coming up – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and, of course, Mole Day (on 10/23). Mole Day may not receive the fanfare it deserves, but Halloween and Thanksgiving are more than willing to pick up the slack.

We are fortunate—in so many ways, really—to have some really cool options to celebrate these non-Mole Day holidays here in town. Halloween is especially noteworthy in this regard, and this can be attributed to the 71st Historic Irvington Halloween Festival. Irvington really goes all out for the holiday and hosts some fantastic events throughout the entire month.

One of the events for the festival is the Pleasant Run Vampire Run on October 28. Every year, proceeds from this run are used to benefit local institutions. For 2017, money raised will go to making repairs to The Bona Thompson Memorial Library, along with funding free children’s events.

Thanksgiving doesn’t receive quite the community fanfare—probably since it tends to be more of a family-centric holiday—but The Tuxedo Brothers are promoting the Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving and the Thanksgiving Burn Off 5k two days later. The Drumstick Dash is raising funds for Wheeler Mission, which helps provide food, shelter, and recovery programs for the homeless here in Indy.

Fun runs like these can make a powerful impact in the community, but they need a key ingredient – runners/joggers/walkers!

If you are enticed by the possibility of “fun” and want to participate in runs like these, you need to take the right measures to stay safe. Sure, you can run a 5k (which is a little over 3 miles) without any training, but you’ll pay for it the next day. At best, “paying for it” can mean severe soreness. At worst, we’re talking about potential injury. Either way, a smarter approach is to prepare in advance.

With that in mind, here are some tips so you can go from-couch-to-running-vampire:

  1. Give yourself time. At this point, it’s a little too late to start training for this year’s Pleasant Run Vampire Run or Drumstick Dash if you aren’t usually active. Generally speaking, you need at least 8 weeks to get ready if you aren’t a regular runner.
  2. Avoid the hype. If there’s one group of people that is a marketer’s dream, it’s runners. Shoe companies are constantly coming up with new bells and whistles for their shoes. The truth of the matter is you don't need them (the bells and whistles… you will need the shoes). Find a pair with a solid heel counter, and an adequate—not “excessive”—toe box. Make sure they fit well, lace ‘em up, and then hit the road!
  3. Don’t be afraid to stop. If you’re miserable or in pain (or both!), stop. Unless you have set a goal for yourself—run a marathon, beat your little brother in a 5k race, etc.—there’s no need to wallow in misery with every step. You can probably find a different kind of exercise you will enjoy doing, like cycling or swimming. Being in pain is another sign you should stop. It’s reasonable to expect some soreness, but sharp pain or severe soreness is an indication of a problem. Put the running on hold, and come see us to have the issue diagnosed!

One of the possible benefits of training for a 5k fun run is you might find out you love it. Runners are a dedicated lot and there are many who wake up early to start their day with a run.

If you’ve given it a try and running isn’t for you, no worries. As noted, there are certainly many other ways to stay in shape and keep your body—and your feet—healthy! Even your favorite go-to foot doc in Indy started out as a runner before switching to cycling. (My heart is with all the runners out there, but my feet are not.)

For more information on how to start a new training program or to request an appointment so we can make sure your lower limbs are ready to go along for the ride, simply give us a call at (317) 545-0505!

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