Dirty Jobs and Dying Professions

Janitor MoppingHave you ever run across someone who finds so much joy and takes so much pride in doing a job that doesn’t seem like it should offer either of those?

Whether you can think of any specific examples off the top of your head, the odds are pretty good you have. The truth of the matter is that we all run across people like:

  • The janitor singing an upbeat song and dancing while he sweeps the school cafeteria
  • The shoe shine guy who gives a great big smile as he polishes his customer’s shoes and tells them about the weather
  • The circus clown who must follow the elephants and clean up after them

These are occupations some would consider to be “dirty jobs,” but these people all have something in common – a positive, enthusiastic mindset while they work. Remember when Mike Rowe hosted the TV show by the same name? For insightful and entertaining muses, check out his website for his blogs, podcasts, and other featured works for insightful and entertaining content, or my personal favorite video. Sorry, I digress.

The men and women who work—or used to work (more on that in a second…)—jobs like these are a lot like the street sweeper in the old Jimmy Buffet song “It’s My Job.” They take pride in their work, give it everything they have, and aim to be “better than the rest.”

Of course, as our life continually becomes more modern and technology continues its apparent course to replace us all, jobs like these are dying. Sure, we still have custodians helping to keep things clean (for now…), but there are fewer shoe shine guys, milkmen, cobblers, and clowns every day.

(Hey, at least the clowns always have politics to fall back on!)

If you have the opportunity to still have your shoes shined or a pair repaired by a cobbler, you need to take advantage of it. In part, you’ll be amazed by the amount of personalized care and attention you receive—the kind we strive to provide at our Indianapolis office every day—but also by the connection you can find.

We may feel more “connected” than ever due to social media, but those connections aren’t always genuine and real.

(That said, social media is certainly fine if you don’t make it your whole life. In fact, we have a Facebook account you can “like” and follow to see what’s happening, or leave a review if you’re so inclined.)

Back in the day, people in the shoe-shining, cobbling, and dairy-delivering professions were social conduits. They kept up with the latest news around town and were ready to share.

More than conduits, they were true “can-do-its” from a job perspective. Which brings us back to the initial thought about them taking pride in jobs few have any desire to do, and especially in our age of instant gratification where so many young people want to be YouTube stars (trust us, it’s a thing…) or have the corner office fresh out of college.

Those old-timers found so much joy and pride in those jobs for a simple reason – they chose to.

There are many areas of life wherein we might not have a lot of choice or say, but one we always do is our attitude. If you decide to take the best attitude into the (seemingly) worst job, you will never have a bad day. Further, you will find more satisfaction than you ever thought possible.

We aim to practice what we preach around here, and hopefully you will find our positivity contagious after you leave your appointment. If you carry that positivity with you for the rest of the day, you will not only find newfound enjoyment in doing even mundane things, you will also pass it along to others. And when you get down to it, that’s something our society needs now more than ever.

If you want to receive your foot or ankle treatment from a doctor who really takes pride in providing service with a smile for all his amazing patients, contact us and schedule your appointment. Just call (317) 545-0505 and we will be happy—literally!—to help.


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