You Don’t Have to Live in Pain—Learn More About Foot and Ankle Problems

In this collection of blog posts, Dr. Jeffrie Leibovitz shares his extensive knowledge of common foot and ankle problems. Learn about what you can do if you are experiencing pain, tenderness, swelling, or other foot and ankle issues that are infringing on your enjoyment of life.

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  • Your Guide to Posterior Tibial Tendonitis There are numerous foot and ankle injuries you could potentially sustain, which is something that comes from having so many moving parts down there. One injury that can really take away your ability to perform favorite activities is posterior tibial tendonitis. Dr. Leibovitz discusses this condition so you can better understand why you have developed the pain and what he can do to take it away for you.
  • How to Prevent Blood Clots While Traveling When you’re traveling for a family vacation, there’s already a lot to worry about without even thinking about something like deep vein thrombosis. This condition is when a blood clot develops in a vein – which can put you at risk for serious problems. Fortunately, Dr. Leibovitz has some tips for you on how to prevent blood clots while traveling.
  • Get Your Feet Summer-Ready! Your Indianapolis foot doc—Dr. Leibovitz—takes some time to discuss how to get your feet summer-ready. There might be some time before the summer season is here, but now is the time to start tending to your feet. Of course, foot care is a year-round endeavor, so come in for professional treatment if you need assistance.
  • Running Races in Indianapolis Your favorite go-to foot doc in Indianapolis was a runner before becoming an avid cycler, so he knows a thing or two about hot to prepare for running races. Dr. Leibovitz also has some suggestions for local races throughout the year.
  • Why Valentine's Day Foot Massages Feel So Good You already know a good foot rub can feel amazing, so take a moment to find out the science behind why this is the case. Not only will you learn why a foot massage feels so good, you'll also get some pointers from Dr. Leibovitz on how to give one for your valentine.
  • New Year, New Addition to the Team Dr. Leibovitz takes a moment to start the new year by giving the spotlight to his team – including the newest face at the office.
  • Breaking Addictions to Bad Habits Dr. Leibovitz discusses habits—good and bad, foot-related and otherwise—and gives tips so you can establish good ones and break the bad ones.
  • Dirty Jobs and Dying Professions According to Indianapolis podiatrist Jeffrie C. Leibovitz, any job is better when you strive to be “better than the rest.”
  • Thanks to Our Patients Dr. Leibovitz considers himself to be a lucky man for many reasons, including the amazing patients who share so much with him every day.
  • But, Doc, I’ve Tried LITERALLY Everything! Every doctor hears it – “I’ve tried everything and it still doesn’t feel better.” Of course, you should just call Dr. Leibovitz in the first place!